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Chai with Pabrai

Apr 14, 2023

Mohnish Pabrai’s Talk and Q&A session with students at the University of Texas on February 28, 2023


(00:00:00) - Introduction

(00:02:01) - Buffett's 2022 Letter to Shareholders

(00:04:29) - Berkshire’s Twelve great decisions

(00:09:16) - Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

(00:13:27) - Chuck Akre's three-legged stool

(00:16:19) - Wally Park at LAX

(00:18:35) - My investing journey

(00:22:55) - Macroeconomic factors

(00:27:04) - Investing in Turkey

(00:30:27) - Reysas

(00:40:14) - TAV Airports

(00:44:02) - When to sell?

(00:46:04) - Investing in the US

(00:50:13) - Start specializing at age 11

(00:57:08) - Berkshire's Oil Investments

(00:58:44) - Buffett’s Oxy Bet

(01:04:26) - Fiat Chrysler

(01:12:31) - Ferrari: Sold too soon!

(01:15:05) - The Dakshana Foundation


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