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Chai with Pabrai

Apr 17, 2023

Mohnish Pabrai’s Q&A session with students at JNV Bangalore (Rural) on December 23, 2022


(00:00:00) - Introduction

(00:04:57) - Dakshana Donors – Prem Watsa; R.K. Damani

(00:07:27) - Harvard’s model for donations

(00:12:11) - Your deepest desire is your destiny

(00:21:51) - Dakshana: Of the alums, for the alums, by the alums

(00:22:54) - Fear of failure

(00:32:11) - Inspiration behind Dakshana

(00:33:19) - Large inheritances do more harm than good

(00:37:03) - Truth is the foundation for trust

(00:47:40) - Book by Judith Harris: No Two Alike


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